8 out of 10 New Customers Arrive From AdWords
Typically, more that 8 out of 10 of your new customers will come from Google AdWords.  This leaves only 20% or much less of the online market to be accessed from SEO, G+, directories and social media.  And, more importantly, Google AdWords is the highest producing marketing with a ROI of 7. 
Advertisers using AdWords achieve 7:1 ROI on investments in search marketing. 
 - Source: McKinsey & Co., 2012 
As you can see from the return equation below, you should receive 8 dollars in profit from each dollar that you spend with AdWords. And this is just the average.  Many of our customers feel that this number is much higher and many use our services as the sole methods of finding new online customers.
ROI (Return on Investment) = (Profit - Cost)/Cost
  • AdWords provides the highest online marketing return
  • Your overall business ROI can be greatly improved by reducing costs
  • Automatic updates and free edits save you $1,000's/yr
  • Built -in customer marketing and tracking tools save you $1,000's/yr
With AdWords the standard return is 7X.  However, we can take this one step further.  When you market with us we make free unlimited edits to the marketing websites - both desktop and mobile.  The typical edit can often cost hundreds or thousands of dollars.  By reducing your business cost, one of which are edits and overhauls, your overall business ROI will increase.  
These are not just websites, but full marketing platforms with integrated call tracking, lead capture and management with a full CRM (customer resource management) system so you can track, score and evaluate online marketing performance.  We also automatically update coupons and specials to keep them up to date without any need to remember dates.  Posting is also available to Facebook and Twitter.
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