There are multiple reasons to be online and we offer you multiple programs to effectively address all of the methods of acquiring new customers, branding, review handling, and getting listed on directories and GPS devices.   These are addressed below. 

Paid Advertising

Google AdWords online Paid Advertising provides the best dollar for dollar advertising in the industry.   Studies show that for the average small business the return on investment for AdWords advertising is 7X!  This means that for every dollar you will spend on AdWords advertising you will receive eight dollars in profit. ROI = (Profit - Cost)/Cost.

"With a high performance setup, with all cylinders firing, studies from Google Think have found that the removal of AdWords can reduce traffic to your website by as much as 88-92%!"  

An effective AdWords campaign, by far, is the most effective and will bring you them most new customers. Thus all our programs are focused around Google AdWords. 

Display Marketing

Secondary advertising methods, such as display network or banner ads are far less targeted and can bring low cost traffic, but far more expensive per customer acquired than AdWords.  Our testing shows that this gives a cost per conversion approximately 4-6X more expensive than AdWords, sometimes making these programs not profitable. 

G+ for Business - Google likes that every business have a G+ account.  G+ and AdWords share commonality and one supports the other.  It's a good idea to have a strong G+ account.  It is also a major player on the search page when someone searches for your business name.  A fully completed G+ page is a must.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Today, with the advent of watching online movies, screens have gotten wider, but also shorter in height.  Screens that used to be 1024 pixels high are now only 788 to 800 pixels high.  This provides very little space for SEO on the screen (85% of customers do not scroll down, but re-query for better results).  SEO also vies for space againstG+ and within the SEO sections, larger companies often hog up many positions reducing available presence online.   

Recent releases of anti-web spam software from Google have greatly reduced the influence of SEO for businesses.  The new release of Google Hummingbird algorithms has greatly reduced the use of keywords as a method of finding customers online.  

We address this with the desktop and mobile marketing websites that we develop as part of every Google AdWords campaign. These are designed to achieve high AdWords Quality Scores, which in turn provide better performing AdWords marketing campaigns.


The majorite of consumers seek advice fromreview sites before purchasing services or products. The stars from G+ and Yelp are heavily chosen when picking a vendor. We offer a no cost solution to help you achieve consistently high reviews on Yelp.
  • 85% of consumers say that they read online reviews for local businesses (up from 76% in 2012) 
  • 73% of consumers say positive customer reviews make them trust a business more (up from 58% in 2012) 



If you can achieve referrals - please do. The probability of closing a referral is 12X more likely over a potential new customer. 
  • Word of mouth remains the primary method for recommending local business (72%)
  • Facebook and Twitter are growing steadily as recommendation channels
  • Only 8% of consumers recommended a business on local directories (down 11% in 2012)



AdWords advertising is primarily designed to bring in new customers searching for your products or services (unbranded).  Branding will help your customers feel more comfortable before purchasing your products or services.  We can help you achieve a long term branding program to meet your needs. 


For an annual fee we can enter your business data into all the important online directories as well as get you listed in the major GPS mapping systems.  We believe this is very cost effective and should be done for marketing, branding and for verification by potential new customers that you are a legitimate business.  


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