Your Website is More than Just Your Business Card

The survey below includes a large sampling of different businesses

June 2, 2020

“63% of marketers are looking to make a website upgrade this year”

Source: Hubspot

The survey below includes a large sampling of different businesses across a large range of revenues, so if you feel that your site is a bit outdated and needs a refresh, or you need to bring it up to current technologies, You’re Not Alone!

 Source: Hubspot Research, NAM Survey Jan-Feb 2020


But here’s the good news… When it comes to technology issues, like mobile optimized, load times, alt and canonical tags, SSL certificates, we’ve got you covered.  Our sites have all these features standard.  So not to worry, you’re running a state-of-the-art website and will score very nicely in Google’s eyes


Issues like site errors and broken links; no problem, we’ve got you covered!  We run our own checkers every night, so if an error is made, we’ll find it and fix it almost immediately. 


But from your perspective, the content and the look is most important.  Here’s the best part…  If you run any marketing program with us all site updates, changes, new graphics, logos, you name it are all free!  Just call in or drop us a note and we’ll make changes or develop a new look, even custom graphics – all free!  As many times and as often as you want!  Graphics are all developed with college educated graphics designers, using the latest Adobe software, and we can even provide Adobe royalty-free photos and graphics as well. 

Give our Support Team a call now at (949) 478-6887 and we can help show you the many ways we can help you increase business from the digital front!

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