You Should Always Respond to Your Reviews

Reviews – Some Good News How to Handle Negative Reviews

October 22, 2021

Reviews Matter. A lot! 

Over 85% of your potential new customers will do some research before purchasing your services. During this search if they enter your company name in a Google search they will see your Google My Business (GMB) and your reviews with star rating. Many decisions to buy or move on are based on your star rating alone. It is very important that you have current and good written reviews and a star rating on par or higher than your competitors!


Responding to Your Reviews:
You should always respond to your reviews. This is a courteous thing to do and customers love this! As well, along with other factors, Google sees this as an active GMB and will reward you by showing your listing more often and higher on the page.


Responding to Negative Reviews Can Create Positive Results:

Statistics show that of the customers who received a response from a company after posting a negative comment, 33% turned around and gave a positive review, while 34% of the people deleted the original negative review. This is massively important. Removing just 1 one-star review can greatly improve your average.


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