You've Only Got One Shot!

Everyone feels good if they got a deal.

May 6, 2021

The “Drop Close” is one of the most powerful closing techniques.  And if used effectively, you can often take the sale away from your competition right from under their noses! 


Everyone wants a deal and no one knows this better than car salesmen.  I’ll bet you’ve never had a neighbor or friend come home with a new car and not say, “I got a very good deal”.  Everyone feels good if they got a deal.   We all buy on emotion, not price, for almost everything we buy. 


Here are the guidelines to using the Drop Close:

  • Build rapport before you offer any discount. You need a personal reason for offering your customer a discount.  It’s all about them!
  • Make sure all buying objections other than price have been removed. You can even ask them, “Bob, is the reason that you’re not moving forward is the price or is it that you don’t feel our product/service will work for you?”
  • Never drop price more than ONCE! It cheapens the deal and once you’ve dropped the price a second time your customers begin to distrust what the bottom line price really is. 
Now for the Drop Close: Say to your customer, “Bob, if I can get you our product/service for $_______, but I’m not sure that I can, would you do the deal today?”  If the answer is yes, continue with, “OK Bob, I’m going to go to my manager to see if I can get this approved and just to be clear, if I get this approved you will do the deal, right?” Again, if their answer is yes, put them on hold and make sure your manager will allow the discount.  Once they’ve said “yes” to those questions, you’ve already gotten the deal.  Almost 100% will keep their promise and buy your product/service.
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