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February 11, 2022

When you are looking at digital marketing companies, many of them share their various certifications that validate the work they do. One thing you want to look for is a Google Partner badge. This is a badge that indicates a company is a certified Google Partner.

So, what does it mean to be a Google Partner?

When a company is an expert in Google Ads, they can become a Google Partner. These companies are required to go through training, pass the Google Ads product certification exams and stay up to date with the latest product information. This certifies that a digital marketing company has the knowledge required to provide their clients with the best Google Ads service. Just like you are the expert in your field, we are the experts in ours!


Why do you want to work with a Google Partner?

  • Google Partners are up to date with the latest marketing information
  • Google Partners are certified and re-certified periodically to provide the best service
  • Google Partners have access to the newest features on Google
  • Google Partners when certified are allowed to work directly with Google

When you are shaping your digital marketing plan for your business, you want to work with a company that is best for your business. You want to see results with your campaign. When you partner with a digital marketing company that is a Google Partner, you will get the best of the best. As a Google Partnered company, we’re here to help you achieve all of your business goals. Give our Support Team a call today at (949) 478-6887 and you can be assured you’ll be speaking to a Google Certified expert that can help answer any and all of your Google-related marketing questions!

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