OK. We’ve driven in a lead to you and you did everything right:

  • You picked up the lead immediately (you didn’t let it go to voicemail)
  • You were helpful, empathetic, a good listener, and courteous
  • You asked open-ended questions about your customer’s needs getting them to open up
  • You’ve relieved all your customer’s buying concerns (pains) by questioning

But you just didn’t get the deal - they want to think about it... (check other suppliers)
Now what?
The good news is only a small fraction of your competition will call back AND ask for the order.
And there’s even more good news!  Most of your competition will call in saying something weak like:
“Hi, this is _______ with ABC Company. I'm calling to follow up on the (proposal, information, etc.). Did you have a chance to review that?"
Or, another equally weak opening most of your competition will use is:
“Hi, this is ________ with ABC Company. I was just calling to see what you thought of the (proposal, information, etc.)?"
If you want the deal, remove the phrases “just calling to follow up" and “just wanted to see if you..." out of your pitch – FOREVER!

  1. First, you're giving up control to your prospect.
  2. Second, you're opening yourself up for a stall or push-off.

Be assumptive and take control of the conversation immediately.  “Hi, this is ______ with ABC Company.  I've been looking forward to getting back with you and getting you started.  I know you'll be as happy and satisfied as my other clients are”.

  1. You're asking for the deal right away (and you’ll be surprised how many will buy on the spot!)
  2. You immediately start the close on an assumptive noteYou eliminate any push-offs or stalls. You immediately get the prospect to tell you where they stand and what they're thinking (and what you'll need to do to close the sale)

These simple techniques will help you crush your competition!
Give our Support Team a call now at (949) 478-6887 if you have any questions about this or would like any training material - we're always here to help!

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