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It’s always about us. Fundamental to our well-being is our desire to

May 29, 2020

It’s always about us.  Fundamental to our well-being is our desire to seek comfort and feel good about ourselves.  Even our forefathers noted this in the statement "Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness" in the United States Declaration of Independence.


So when you’re speaking to your customers, use you, your and we, not me!  This can be born out in a recent Facebook survey that we developed for a commercial customer to determine how much the community knows about their services.  Ad #1, which we wrote, contains a high density of You and Your’s and used the word “advice”, which science proves is much more engaging than that word “opinion”. Ad #2, which was not written by us, did not focus as much on the customer.

Keep this in mind when speaking to your customers.  Engagement will go up and so will your close rate!


With a little neuroscience, we improved the number of leads from a previously written ad by 70% and reduced the cost per ad by 30%.

#1: 468 Leads - $0.54 Cost Per Lead
#2: 267 Leads - $0.76 Cost Per Lead
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