We Only Buy from People We Like and Trust

We always suggest spending a bit of quality time building rapport

May 20, 2021

We spend a lot of time talking about phone etiquette and how important this is to improving your closure rate when we send you inbound customer calls.  The reason this is so important is that, as you know, your potential new customers have choices.  If things aren’t going well or they “have a bad feeling”, they can easily hang up and call the next number on their search page. 


In your call everything matters; how you answer the phone, your tone, whether you over talk, etc.  Your customers don’t buy on price, but rather they “buy you”; that they can trust you and that you’ll do a great job for them.  This is why we always suggest spending a bit of quality time building rapport with them on the phone.


There‘s no better way to do this than with an open-ended personal question such as, “how is your day coming along today?” or if they say something personal about themselves, such as, “when I was in the military” these statements are personal and important to them.  Dig in with a follow-on questions that directly address their response.  The fact that you replied with a follow-on question shows that you care and that you’re listening  a massive compliment!   This is time well spent! 


After a conversation, your customers remember very little of what you said, but they do remember how you made them feel!  So remember…


“We only buy from people we like and trust!”

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