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As you know, washing your hands and social distancing are the primary

June 1, 2020

As you know, washing your hands and social distancing are the primary things we can do to beat COVID-19. As such, we are all working remotely from home, and we’re fully in business and we’re here to help!

In these trying times, you probably want to know how other businesses are handling this new environment?  So far, it’s been positive.  We are consistently adding new customers and our current customers are sticking with us.  We speak to hundreds of businesses each day and even though most have dispersed their office personnel to home, as we have, sprits are up and optimism is strong!

We are all in this together as Americans and this too shall pass. We are here to help you navigate and get through this with real action plans for success now and into the future when everything returns to normal.

In our many conversations with our customers, some interesting trends are emerging from our successful business owners who are enlisting our help during these uncertain times to focus on simple yet important improvements in their business operations.

For example, we've helped many business owners adapt to the change in market. These adaptations include: adding emergency services, expanding business hours, and offering over-the-phone consultations. In addition to this, we've also expressed the importance of obtaining new Google Reviews.

Call us today and let us show you the simple and easy-to-use email tools our business owners are sending out to make it easy for their customers to write a positive review.

Positive Google reviews are one of the most powerful way to separate your business from competitors in your same market. These reviews are good for business right now and moving into the future.

...And don't forget, this is also a time to check in with your loved ones to see if they are OK. 

Give our Support Team a call now at (949) 478-6887 - we're here to help!

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