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There’s a reason that we don’t pull our own teeth, fix our own...

September 9, 2020

There’s a reason that we don’t pull our own teeth, fix our own transmissions, or put in our own electrical panel.  Yes..., that’s right…, something very bad is likely to happen.  The same is true if you operate your own Google campaign. 


The most frequent complaint that we hear is “I tried Google and lost my shirt”.  Yep, if you do things wrong Google WILL punish you!  Google rates every search against your campaign, how you bid, how effective your ads are, how well your website matches your customer's searches and assigns a score.  If this score is poor you can pay as much 6X the average cost for that search.  At that price you lose your shirt and your competitors will slaughter you!


Perhaps the most important reason for using a professional on your Google campaign is this is an on-going battle.  The job of managing your campaign never ends.  We use multiple tools, study the industry constantly, stay up to date on Google certification testing and we have a large team of college educated Google Certified Professionals reviewing your account around the clock.  Here are some things to consider when doing a Google campaign yourself: 

  • Google changes their algorithms over 400 times a year
  • Google doesn’t notify you of changes, things just get worse when this happens
  • You have to manage your campaign almost daily
  • There are many nuances that we learn empirically that aren’t documented anywhere
  • The number of controls on a Google campaign is very complex
  • If things go wrong, you have nowhere to go while you’re paying 6X too much 

We don’t do our own dentistry, transmission or electrical for good reason!

Give our Support Team a call now at (949) 478-6887 and we can help show you the many ways we can help you increase business from the digital front!

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