Utilizing Google Ads (Correctly)

Google Ads offers different ways of targeting

May 13, 2021

Google, the world’s largest search platform, offers the huge value of placing your business in-front of interested clients. These interested individuals are searching directly for your services or products in your local service area. It also allows you to reach these customers across multiple devices including desktops/laptops, tablets, and smartphones. Your ads are shown to the right people, in the right place, during your service hours.


The wide range of targeting tools ensures that your investment produces the right ROI in order for you to reach your business goals. Here's how:

    1. Target your ads

Google Ads offers different ways of targeting - Targeting gives you the ability to show your ads to reach people with specific interests — namely, people who are interested in your products and services — and show them relevant ads.

  • Keywords: Words or phrases relevant to your products and service, which are used to show your ads when customers search for those terms or visit relevant websites.
  • Age, location, and language: Choose the age, geographic location, and language of your customers.
  • Devices: Your ads can appear on all types of devices, and you can fine-tune which devices your ads appear on and when.

    2. Control your costs

You have control over how you spend your money. Our team of experts will suggest a budget for your campaign based on your desired population to market to. With years of collected data, we are able to generate suggestions on where to market and who to market to – with your feedback being the most valuable. (You know your ideal client best!)

    3. Measure your success

If someone clicked your ad, you’ll know. If they clicked your ad and then did something valuable to your business such as calling in or sending you a message, you are able to track this as well. We offer call-tracking numbers for our clients which provide email notifications with the time, date, phone number, and in certain cases, a recording of the incoming customer call. Our clients love to take advantage of this feature that allows them to better track their ROI.

    4. Manage your campaigns

Google Ads also offers tools to easily manage and monitor accounts. This is where our certified experts come into play!


Our team works 24 hours a day managing your campaigns to ensure that everything from a keyword bid to a search term is placed correctly and during the right time of the day.


Give our Support Team a call now at (949) 478-6887 if you have any more in-depth questions about Google Ads, the targeting methods, or want to review your local market online to see where your business can capitalize. We're always here to help!

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