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very week we send out an email on how we can help you improve your bus

August 30, 2020

Every week we send out an email on how we can help you improve your business and consequently increase your sales.  Today, we had an experience with a customer who felt that calling back missed calls quickly didn’t really matter.  If you own a business with a long selling cycle, like roofing or care facilities, you can get away with this to some extent.  If you’re a plumber, electrician, or other business where the customer will make an almost immediate decision, not calling missed calls quickly will very quickly harm your business. 


Studies show that if a call is returned in 5 minutes the the chanes are extremely high that you will get that customer back on the phone.  On the other hand, by simply waiting 30 minutes you will decrease the chance that you get the prospective customer on the phone by 100X. Furthermore, the ability to close the deal decreases by 300X!

Calling back inbound calls very quickly, is EXTREMELY important!


If you pick up inbound calls before they hang up, this is by far the best strategy. If you have to call back and they don’t answer or the call goes to voice mail, hang up and immediatly dial again.  Studies show that this technique will increase the pickup rate by 18%.  We refer to this as “double tapping”, and we see this 18% statistic almost exactly in our sales rooms.

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