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Take Great Notes from Your Customer Calls

June 17, 2021

Taking good notes from customer calls will bring you big rewards. You can store this important information on a spreadsheet or in the customer profile section of your billing software or, if you have it, a separate CRM (Customer Resource Management) system. This information can greatly help you get the deal. 


Get Their Email (and verify it):


Always make sure you have their correct and current email. We suggest that when you ask for it you can say, “Let me send you a quick message so I can be sure that I got it right.” To get additional leverage, add a note in the email and a link to your great reviews on Google My Business (or sometimes Yelp). Keep them on the phone and verify that they received it.


Always Get Their Cell Phone Number:


This is extremely important. Many people are not so good with their email, but almost everyone will quickly notice and respond to a text message. We check our phones 150x a day for text messages and more than 90% of all text messages are answered in less than 5 minutes. Far more people would rather respond to a text message than an email or phone call! Your customers love the convenience of text messaging. Once you have established a relationship, you can even close deals using only text messages.


Get Personal Information:


This information can warm-up a follow-up conversation very quickly and will result in more closed calls over time. " We buy from people we like and trust."  When you call back, start on a personal note; this sparks your friendship and gets the whole conversation off to a great start. The rest of the call will be more personable and productive. This could be as simple as opening the conversation with, “Hi, ___ ! How are you doing? How was your daughter’s graduation?”


Write Down Your Customer’s Needs and Past Services Provided:


These notes can quickly guide you to their needs on subsequent calls. The fact that you remembered their needs tells them that you are grateful for their business, greatly increasing the odds that you will get the deal. 


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