They Only Buy From You if They Like You Trust You

Assumptive selling is highly dependent on a positive outlook and...

July 30, 2020

So much of our lives and success is based on our view of the world. 

“If you think you can or you think you can’t – you’ll be right!”

- Henry Ford

Assumptive selling is highly dependent on a positive outlook and about believing everyone is a buyer… and knowing that the first time you believe someone is not - you’ll be right.

This explains why new sales people often do very well, but over time, having faced many deals that didn’t close, this assumptive behavior diminishes and they become mediocre or poor sales people.

But if you maintain a very positive outlook, your sales numbers will definitely go up.

  • Assumptive behavior signals to the buyer that he “will” purchase and this works because most of us like the convenience of being led – it’s a natural instinct.
  • Your attitude is more assured – your customers can read this in your tonality.  It reflects that you believe in your products or services.
  • Like a smile which is contagious, a positive outlook will be transferred to the buyer who will feel good about the offer and you.
  • Remember, they will only buy from you if they trust you and like you!

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