The Price Question!

Here Comes the Price Question…

July 16, 2021

How to Handle the Price Question:


When your prospect asks you about the price of your product or service, what's important is not that you tell them, but rather what happens next. What do you say after you give them the price? Most of your competition will either:

  • Remain silent, waiting for them to ask another question
  • Keep pitching their product or service.
  • Move onto another qualifying question.

All of these responses are wrong. If you do any of these, you're missing a golden opportunity to find out where your prospect stands in regards to their budget. The right question? Ask them how they feel about the price you just gave them. You can use any of these:

  • How does that price sound to you?
  • Do you have any questions on that price?
  • Which of those price points appeal to you the most?
  • Is that what you are looking to spend?

If there is reluctance to give you a response, try this A or B question technique; “is it that you don’t feel comfortable with our product or service or is it the price?”


Whenever your prospect asks about the price, make sure that you’ve fully expressed the value and benefits of your product or service before giving them the price. But, once you give them the price, you must qualify it. Top sales pros automatically do this and move that ever closer to getting the information they need to close the sale.


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