The Pause and the Very Long Pause

As always, building rapport with your customers on the phone before

November 25, 2020

As always, building rapport with your customers on the phone before the sale can greatly increase your number of sales closed.  There are many ways you can do this: asking personal open-ended questions then asking questions of the answers, showing empathy, using good tonality, and not talking over the customer. However, one of the most fundamental is to pause each time after you or your customer has spoken.  This courtesy is the difference between “talking to the customer” and “having a genuine conversation.”


“82% of the customer’s impression of you is based on non-verbal things”


Sales trainers have often suggested ideas to make sure phone sales people pause such as muting your phone after each person has spoken. 

  1. They might need time to absorb what you have just said
  2. They might have more to say after they’ve just spoken

Studies of top sales pros show that this technique is very effective as it shows great courtesy to the customer and slows the conversation down to a pleasant pace.  But there is one more important aspect – the very long pause…   This may be one of the most valuable tools you can master.  By extending a very long pause at the right time you could change the entire course of the conversation allowing the customer extra time to think about and expose any “hidden pain” in the back of their minds. 


Once this is exposed, you can work on resolving this issue.  Had this not been exposed, you are likely to have not closed the sale and you’d never know why.  


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