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Your Google My Business (GMB) is your most fundamental and important

June 1, 2020

Your Google My Business (GMB) is your most fundamental and important online presence for your business.  Your GMB is the key point of contact for your online customers searching for nearby business services.  According to a recent study, 64% of consumers use your GMB to find your hours of operation, your business addresses, your phone number and/or your reviews.


However, there can be many issues with your GMB which we can help you with.  The most common issues are listed below: 


Verifying You as the Owner of Your Google My Business Listing


Verifying your GMB is fundamental.  We work with Google to verify you as the owner and with us as the company marketing on your behalf.  Sometimes verifying your ownership may be as simple as setting you up to receive a post card from Google. Once recieved, we enter the pin number on your behalf. Unfortunately, many other issues (see below) can get in the way. 


Owners Have No Idea Who Has Access to Their GMB         


We help you get ownership of your GMB by working through Google’s system and working hand-in-hand with you often requiring many calls to different levels within Google.  This often requires sending Google your business information such as your business license, lease agreements, and even proof of insurance.  This is a long drawn out process, but we’re glad to help.  


Owners Have Suspended Accounts


This may be the most frustrating issue most business owners face with their GMB.  Google sometimes suspends your GMB and will not tell you why.  Yes, that’s right.  From here it takes some serious investigating.  After each change we have to wait 72 hours or more to see if your GMB was reinstated.  We have a large base of information having dealt with 1,000’s of GMB customers, so we’re good at this time consuming process.  But over time we always find a solution.

Having Multiple GMB Accounts


This is common for businesses to have multiple listings online.  This can happen as businesses change location or ownership and many other factors.  We work with Google on your behalf to flag up old listings, clean up the target listing, then merge these.  This is a long drawn out process, but over time we can successfully get this done for you.


Your Old Marketing Company has Ownership of Your GMB


This, unfortunately, is a side effect of working with an unscrupulous company who does not follow Google's best practices.  If you no longer market with us we will gladly transfer your GMB to your new marketing company, but many marketing companies resist helping as they are losing this customer.  We can work on your behalf with Google to get his done.  This typically takes several calls to Google to verifiy you as the owner.


Properly Building Out and Maintaining Your Listing


Many businesses treat their GMB as an online listing with the feeling that once their business information is correct, there’s nothing left to do.  Unfortunately this is far from the truth.  Google shows the listings that are most relevant much more often and in a higher position on the page than stagnant listings.  This means your listing needs to get fresh content each and every month, new reviews must be coming in monthly and these should be responded to. Google recommends dedicating 3-4 hours to your account per week, this can take away time for business and family.

Give our Support Team a call now at (949) 478-6887 and we'll help you through this daunting process. With over 12 years of expereience working with Google My Business, we're always here to help.

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