Texting Clients is Key

We just can’t say enough about using text messaging as one of the top

June 2, 2020

We just can’t say enough about using text messaging as one of the top ways of communicating with your customers.  It’s easier than calling and like email doesn’t require your full attention, but unlike email, the average user checks their phone for text messages 150X a day, so your conversations move forward quickly.  When compared to all other methods of communication, text messaging is King

US statistics of text messaging:

  • 96% of customers who have smartphones text
  • 81% of customers use text messaging to communicate every day
  • 78% of customers would like to have a text conversation with a business
  • 90% of customers prefer to be texted than called
  • 50% of customers would rather communicate with text messaging than email
  • In the sales process texting can boost conversions by up to 100%

Our analysis of your customer activity within Google Ads shows that over 75% of your customers are searching for your services from their mobile device.  We can show you how to connect with your customers via text messaging through the Google Maps app and your mobile website, which we can develop for you.   Post sale, we can give you the tools to text your customers to improve your online star rating.


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