Some Innovative Ways to Hire While Marketing

Let Your Customers Know You’re Hiring via Your Website, GMB, Facebook

October 1, 2021

Recently, we’ve been getting a lot of feedback from business owners saying that they’re having a tough time finding employees. If you are one of these owners, you are definitely not alone. While we’re helping grow your business by sending new phone calls your way, it’s important that you have the workforce to take on the jobs in order to scale your business. You never know when that next large $10,000 job may be on the other line.


If you can relate to this - we have some good news for you! Due to popular demand from our clients, we’ve developed online strategies to help you find qualified candidates!


Your Google My Business -

When searching for a local job, candidates are using similar searches that your customers use. (The great news is that your GMB pops up!) We can help you find new employees using Google Posts and Display Ads that show that you’re hiring, right on your GMB!  We’ve seen a tremendous up-tick in calls regarding employment by using this feature.


Custom Hiring Form On Your Website -

Paired with the Google Post and Advertising, our team creates customized pages on your website related to hiring for your business. We can create custom forms for users to submit their information and even allow attachments for resumes that come straight to your Email inbox!


Your Facebook Marketing (Jobs Listings) -

If you’re a Facebook customer currently with us (or will be in the future), you’ll love this one. Facebook Job Listings is a tool which our team sets up for you to easily capture local, qualified individuals looking for employment. (There’s a lot that goes into this so you’ll have to give us a call to find out more about this exciting feature on Facebook!)


We’re dedicated to helping you grow your business from every angle and this is too exciting to pass up. Give our Support Team a call today at (949) 478-6887 and we can get you started today attracting many new applicants!

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