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It has come down to only a few businesses that can still operate:

June 1, 2020

It has come down to only a few businesses that can still operate:

  • Those that can work solely over the phone (marketing companies, lawyers, therapists, etc.)
  • Those that are essential (some doctors, plumbers, electricians, HVAC, and a few others)
  • Those that can repair or fix things with little contact with other people 

We have shifted gears to calling the categories above from our sales staff and the response is nearly the same as a few months back.  Our support department is constantly speaking to our current customers, so here’s the scoop (from talking to hundreds of businesses owners each day):

The winners in the game are considering this a slow-down, not a shut-down period.  They are assessing where their business is best needed and learning to out-smart their competitors.   And with the scarcity of competitors, our clients are sorting out how to fill the voids. 

They are investing on what works, spending time targeting specific customer needs in this tight market, out smarting their competitors for current and future business and cutting non-Google/Facebook marketing.

Some of the things we’re hearing:

Attorney“I’m really liking working from home.  My customers save time and I can actually get more work done.  I’m wondering if this will be the future…”

Plumbers“With the proper care we can access and fix problems while our customers stay a safe distance.  We practice CDC guidelines, so our employees and customers are very safe.”

Septic and Pool Service - “We come and go working completely outside and have no interaction with the customer.  We run the billing remote with a credit card.”


Give our Support Team a call now at (949) 478-6887 - we're open and we're here to help brainstorm new ideas to reach your ideal customer during this tough time.

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