Posted on:8/22/2019 12:00:00 AM
Posted By:Performance Media Marketing

We speak to thousands of businesses every month and a common trend is that someone calls and convinces them to cancel their Google My Business account and go with them. DON’T DO IT! We see this problem almost daily. Once your account is closed, it may take many months and intense marketing to make it show on the Google search page again. Your history is very important!

  • A primary factor in showing up prominently on the Google search results page with your Google My Business account is how long that account has been active.

 This is especially important if we’re managing your Google My Business account:

  • We contact you and add content throughout the month
  • We check and respond to your reviews daily

We run advertising to your account to increase its online presence

Your Google My Business account is one of only two ways that your business can show up on the results page, above the fold when potential new customers are searching for your services, so it’s very important. 

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