Phone Issues Blame it on COVID-19

Is your phone quality horrible? Is it you or is it them?

September 18, 2020

Is your phone quality horrible?  Does it sounds like your customer is speaking underwater?  Is it you or is it them?  This can be an embarrassing situation, but the good news… It’s COVID-19 not your phone system!  The Internet is currently trashed.   

According to many studies when COVID-19 hit, everyone saw more issues than normal with the Internet.  When data arrives on your computer a second faster or slower, you don’t really notice. However, voice is much different!  When you speak into the phone your voice is digitized and split into packets. These are then sent over the internet, often with different packets taking different routes. These packets are resembled back into their original order and played to the listener fast enough that a delay isn’t noticeable.  Not such an easy task.  If packets don’t arrive on time and have to be discarded, phone quality rapidly degrades.   
So here are a few tips: 

  • Your phone quality will be worse late in the day and evenings 
    • Internet use is highest at 6:00P PST, 7:00P MST, 8:00P CST, 9:00P EST
  • Your data speeds might look OK, but audio can still be degraded
  • Once COVID-19 hit complaints to Internet providers skyrocketed 
    • Showing that the Internet is stressed

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