Mirror Neurons Make Us Human!

Isolation due to the Covid-19 crisis has given all of us a fresh

September 13, 2020

Isolation due to the Covid-19 crisis has given all of us a fresh perspective on the value of being with our friends and loved ones.  We are truly social creatures!

In the front of our brains is a very special set of neurons called mirror neurons, which exist to help us understand how others are feeling.  Mirror neurons allow us to literally feel what others are feeling and “live” their emotions.

“We are social beings. Our survival depends on our understanding the actions, intentions, and emotions of others. Mirror neurons allow us to understand other people’s mind, not only through conceptual reasoning but through imitation. Feeling, not thinking.”

- G.Rizzolatti

And, as always, your customers will only buy from you if they “like you and trust you”.  During every call, you must make a “human connection."  This is done by building rapport socially with the customer - it is time well spent!  If you create an emotional connection they will like you.  If you show empathy they will know you care and they will trust you

Things will go much better if these steps are taken in every call!

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