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July 15, 2021

We utilize a large array of tools which we developed or purchased to make sure that your online campaigns are running smoothly and without issue. Some of these tools can determine how you stand up against your competitors and what actions we need to take to compete effectively with keywords on your site as well as the keywords being used in your Google Ads campaigns and the ad content that we write for you. We do all this for your online Google Ads campaign, but you might want to take this a step further…


If you a looking for advantages such as focusing your business services to specific niches or categories, we can help you look for these by searching your competitor’s online marketing strategies. We can also help you find low competition niches, or to compete for a specific type of business and/or customers. Furthermore, we can estimate what your competitors are paying online for their marketing.


How this is done…


Keywords Used: We can see what keywords your competitors are using, the overlap between theirs and yours as well as multiple other competitors at a time. We can see how long these keywords have been used and when changes were made, giving us a hint about what your competitors are thinking.


Competing Ads: Your competitor’s ads can tell us a lot about their strategies including discounts, specials, and services provided. With consistent review of competitor's ads, we are able to watch and highlight changes in strategy that will give you a more competitive edge. 


If you are fighting a specific competitor or you’re wondering how your competitors are doing, give us a call at (949) 478-6887 and we can show you all the things they are up to online!

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Recent Blog Posts
Recent Blog Posts