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In a classic Brian Tracy sales training CD a car salesman is asked

January 8, 2021

In a classic Brian Tracy sales training CD a car salesman is asked, “does this car come with a warranty?” The correct response is, “how do you feel about a car warranty?”  The question could have been problematic because the salesman doesn’t know if the buyer likes warranties or maybe doesn’t trust them.  Without knowing this, the salesman could have gotten off on the wrong foot.  By using the open-end question, “how do you feel about auto warranties?” the salesman forces the customer to tip their hand as well as express their true feelings about warranties, giving them a huge leg up to best handle the question.


You can’t go wrong asking your potential new customers “how they feel” about your product or service.  Open-ended questions like this force your customers to “think” about the question and express how they truly feel.  Their responses are often rich with information, of which an additional question can be asked, both showing that you’re listening and that you care.  This greatly builds rapport and gets you on the right foot to address issues that are important to them and allows you to sell into their needs.  Remember, it’s all about them.


This simple technique can set the whole tone of your conversation and should be used very early on in the conversation (just after you’ve opened with personal questions about them!)


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