Increasing the of Your Sales Closed

Making a sale is always a bit uncomfortable. Your customers are

January 29, 2021

Making a sale is always a bit uncomfortable.  Your customers are cautious for a number of reasons, including having been burned in the past. The good news is you have at your disposal a number of indirect and direct tactics that can be used during the sales conversation to make your sale run smoothly and increase the number of customers who will actually buy from you. 


Passive statements, which remove pain during the sale, include statements like “we are family owned”, “we’ve been in business for 20 years now”, or “we have a 5 star rating on Google”. These statements increase trust and reduce the anxiety of the buyer who is worried that they will make the wrong decision.  When these statements are used on websites in A/B testing their effectiveness can be measured directly to a significant increase in sales.  These are easy statements to bring up in the conversation and will increase your number of closed sales.


More direct approach is, “You can trust us to do a great job for you”.  This statement reassures the customer that they are making the right decision and this will increase your sales.   This statement can be amplified even further when it’s used as a referral.  In a study of a real estate company the secretary was asked to say, “Let me transfer you to Mr. Smith.  He’s been in the business 20 years and you can trust him to do a great job for you!”  This simple change resulted in an increase in closed sales by Mr. Smith of 20%


Keep these simple statements in mind during your conversations with your customers and your sales will increase.


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