If You Don't Pipeline, You're Throwing Away

We track a lot of calls for our customers, which helps us tune our

September 9, 2020

We track a lot of calls for our customers, which helps us tune our marketing campaigns for the best performance. However, we’re often surprised how many new customer calls are not followed-up after the initial conversation.


Pipelining is very important; Pipelining a customer call tells the customer that you care enough to follow up.  If managed in an assumptive manor, you’re telling the customer, not “if” we get the job, but “when” we get the job, “we’ll do a great job for you”. This technique and pipelining will significantly increase your closure rate! Statistics show 60% of a well managed pipline closes.


According to market statistics the average sales person only calls back an average of 1.3X.  You're in great shape here, there is very little competition in the pipeline.


Pipelining a potential new customer isn’t always easy.  You may have to call multiple times to get that customer back on the phone!  So here are the industry statistics:  1st call 39% chance, 2nd call 62% chance, 6th call 93% chance!


When you call, if the phone rings and rings or starts to go into voicemail, hang up, then immediately press redial on your phone. This technique known as "double-tapping" will increase your pick up rate by 18%.

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