How to Take Your Unfair Share of GMB

How You Can Win Using Google My Business

June 3, 2021

Google offers all small businesses an online listing (property) called Google My Business (GMB). Generally you have a lot of competition here, but the good news is we can help you beat the competition!


Google has one main objective:


To give their users a good experience such that they will return again and again.


Google rewards the most up-to-date, complete and active GMB accounts by displaying them more frequently because these are to most engaged businesses and provide the best experience for their users. Below is a outline of things that must be done to keep your GMB at the top of the list:

  • Content on your GMB is complete and matches content on your website
  • Your GMB is frequently updated with relevant content (including photos)
  • Specials and promotions are frequently changed and updated
  • New reviews are arriving frequently each month and every review is responded to
  • We utilize Google’s Display network to drive customers to your GMB showing interest in your company
  • Avoid critical changes (changing business name, address, etc.)
Not only does GMB provide vital information about your business to prospective new customers, it also is where customers come to read reviews before making a buying decision.

A Special Note About Your Reviews (and why they're so important!):

Reviews and their corresponding star ratings are paramount! One of the most common searches on Google is “_______ near me”. The resulting search page displays three GMB listings.  If your star rating is significantly lower than the others around you in this search, your potential customers will choose your competitors instead of you. 

  • 85% of consumers do some online research before purchasing
  • 88% of consumers trust online reviews as much as a personal recommendation
  • Consumers read around 10 reviews before making a purchase decision
  • 73% of customers prefer a local company with positive reviews
  • Google rewards businesses that have frequent new positive reviews


Give our Support Team a call now at (949) 478-6887 if you have any questions about your GMB, gaining new reviews, or how to optimize your listing to take your unfair share from competitors - we're always here to help!

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