How to Get Them to Call Again

A Potential New Customer Called and You Missed the Call

March 11, 2021

A potential new customer has called your business, but you missed the call and now you’ve received their voicemail…
Before we begin to discuss leaving a voicemail on a customer callback, first remember to Double Tap!  Never leave a voicemail on the first call.  When you hear the voicemail message, hang up and call again!  When a person sees that you called, then called again, studies show that 18% of the time that person will pick up!
Now with that aside, if you are sent to voicemail your message should be as follows:

1. Open with your name and company name then state that “I'm returning their call”
2. State in very concise terms what your business offers
3. Use “feel-felt-found” – state that many other customers have used and love your services, if you have a great star rating on Yelp or Google, mention that as well
4. Once again, state your name, company name and your phone number 2 times
5. Assumptively say, “thank you for your time, we look forward to hearing back from you”

Tips to remember:

  • Keep the message short
  • Speak clearly and slowly
  • Smile while you are talking. This creates a positive impression
  • Make sure there are no background noises in your message
  • If you are calling about a confidential matter, don’t leave personal details

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