Honesty and Sincerity Can Go Far

Our typical online marketing campaign rings your phone or creates an

October 2, 2020

Our typical online marketing campaign rings your phone or creates an inbound lead.  In all cases you have to talk to the customer on the phone to get the sale.  So, how do you increase your closure rate for you and/or your phone sales personnel?

Training to improve closure rates is hard.  According to sales pro Mike Brooks, it takes massive repetition to learn the many techniques the pros use to close a sale.  In many of his training CD’s, Mike Brooks states, “Listen to this CDs 50 times or more.”   This is a lot of work but it really does work!  According to studies, only 63% of the information on a training CD can be recalled after only one pass, and only shortly after recently listening, so repetition is key.  The good news is this only works with repetition over time and you can play these trainings from your phone while in your car!

But will your employees go through this?  Not likely.  Your best bet is to hire extremely honest and sincere people, who really care about others. 

On the phone they should be focused on doing the following;

  • Build rapport by asking open ended questions, then questions of these answers
  • Take the time and courtesy to hear them out on their issues asking follow up questions
  • Show you care with empathy, pausing after you or they speak, speaking slowly with courtesy
  • Keep an upbeat tone and speak assumptively about your product or service

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