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We’ve written numerous times before about how important it is to build

October 30, 2020

We’ve written numerous times before about how important it is to build rapport by asking open-ended questions about how your potential new customers feel about your products or services and delving in further by asking questions of their answers to further build rapport by showing that you are listening and that you care.


But there’s still one more issue that they may be holding “close to their vest” (This is the elephant in the room)… have they been burned before?  We’ve all been burned… by a contractor, vendor or close relationship, etc. and these feelings are so strong that they often stick with us for years and may play a major factor in our decision to go forward.  This distrust can easily be enough that your customer can be very hard to or impossible to sell.


If you sense that your potential customer distrusts you or your industry, this must be dealt very early in the conversation.  If this is ignored, this land mine may fester and your chances of closing this customer diminish with time.

If you sense this reluctance in your conversation – ask them up front; “Bob, I’m sensing some reluctance, what seems to be the issue?”  If the issue is distrust here are some solutions: 


Addressing the Issue Head On:

This distrust can often be overcome by saying (with empathy), “yes Bob, your story is a familiar one, many of our customers have felt reluctant to use our services, but when they chose us and saw the results, they were glad they went with us.”


Another approach is, “Bob, you know that everyone in this business isn’t crooked.  I’m sure you’re not crooked?  Well… neither are we.”


As simple as these sound, they really work!


Closing Using the 2 Options Close:

From here, once you’ve vetted the distrust issue, built rapport, then expressed the value of your product of service, you can move the sale toward this closing technique:  “Bob, is the issue that you don’t feel that our [product or service] will work, or is it that you can’t afford it?"


Always be frank and sincere with your customers!    


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