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Most of your customers will do online research before buying.

April 22, 2021

Many of our customers have asked over the years, what’s the best they can do on Google to achieve the most benefit.  We suggest the following trifecta:


Website:  You must have a professional and informative website.  Many of your potential new customers will find your website online and check it out as part of their research.  Besides information and photos of your work, they are often seeking your phone number, address to see if you are local, and pain relievers such as “been in business for over 20 years” or “family owned and operated”.  It is very important that your home page contains all of this information readily available as well as easily navigable pages that focus on specific categories of your work or services.  Your website is so important that we offer unlimited edits at no charge if you’re running a marketing campaign with us.   


Google My Business (GMB):  This is an online profile provided by Google, which can contain your services, bio, photos, location map, customer star rating and even a chat feature to your cell phone (we suggest you use this).   This listing sometimes shows up when potential new customers are searching on Google for your products or services.  We can enhance your GMB to make it show up more often by working with you every month updating content, specials, photos as well as driving customers to your GMB with Google’s Display Network.  Managed well, your GMB will show organically up more often because Google sees a complete and currently updated GMB where many potential customers are arriving. 


Google Ads (previously known as AdWords) This is clearly the best form of advertising for most companies.  Google makes over $180B/yr. from Google Ads and this is Google’s primary source of revenue.  The reason for this is… it works!  Google Ads allow a tremendous amount of flexibility in targeting.  A well-run campaign can target the specific type of customer you want during the time you want as well as the specific geographic location.  If you have all the business for now we can turn this off and on again when you’re ready for new business.


85% of Consumers Will Conduct Online Research Before a Purchase


A word of caution: Most of your customers will do online research before buying.  Below are some things that can cause you to lose potential new customers:

  • Your website is outdated, missing information, is slow or appears un-professional
  • Your GMB star rating is low compared to your competitors
  • Your GMB is only partially filled out and/or unclaimed (1)


(1) Note: Google does its best to fill our your GMB with information online until you claim your listing (if left unclaimed, you're missing out on a lot!)
Give our Support Team a call now at (949) 478-6887 if you have any questions about the perfect trifecta or want to meet with one of our experts regarding your company's stance online. We're always here to help!

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