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Today’s Outlook for Small Business and How Marketing Helped Us Survive

August 6, 2021

Let’s take breath. We’ve all made it this far through Covid-19 and we’re still facing continuing issues with COVID variants, government policies and more.  Here’s a snapshot of the current state of small businesses and marketing today (data courtesy of a recent CallFire survey), August 2021:

  • 80% of businesses say “they’re back”
  • But still 1 in 4 are not fully confident in the future
  • 94% are looking for and will likely hire a marketing agency
  • 96% are open to paying more than they did before
  • 81% say that their marketing strategy got them through the Covid-19
  • 71% say marketing was critical to their survival

Clearly, marketing was a big part of us successfully plowing through the pandemic. So here are some more statistics looking forward for your small business:

  • 74% would rather spend time on their business than marketing
  • 94% say it’s likely they will hire a marketing agency
  • 79% admit using a marketing agency resulted in a significant uptick
  • 95% who used a marketing agency say their investment has paid off

Perhaps the most important factor not mentioned in the numbers above is that staying current in any profession is the key to maximum success, from practicing law to transmission repair. The same applies to keeping current in the highly fluid and ever-changing marketing technologies. Clearly, optimal marketing isn’t a DIY project. It just takes too much to stay current.


The winners in the game will be those who take advantage of market conditions executing highly efficient and targeted marketing.


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