Correctly Pushing for the Order Can Relieve Tension

We Like to be Led. During hundreds of millions of years of human

December 11, 2020

We Like to be Led.  During hundreds of millions of years of human evolution, being led has become a critical part of our survival.  This has been fundamentally programmed into our minds to group together and seek out a leader to survive.  Clearly, we could never have survived on our own.

This is why when making a decision, we seek advice from others.


During the purchase period in the sales cycle, top sales people are more successful because they are using a confident and assumptive approach that nudges the buyer towards purchasing, reassuring them that this is the correct choice.  They are clearly leading the buyer through the purchase.  Once the buyer agrees to move forward they often express a sigh of relief exhibiting that this period of anxiety is over!


80% of all professional sales occur by asking for the order 5x or more”


This “Hail Mary” approach to sales can be greatly mitigated by using a few sales techniques to prepare for the inevitable “asking for the order.”

  • By using “feel, felt, found” you can reduce the pain of the purchase by convincing the customer that “other past customers had felt reluctance towards purchasing but once they had purchased they felt confident that they had made the right decision.”
  • By using a tie down at the end of each statement of a feature or benefit of the product say, “now you can see how that will benefit you, right Bob?” This typically produces a “yes” or nod from the customer, moving them closer to the sale.  People who say “yes” multiple times are much more likely to become a customer.  This is why tie downs are also often referred to as trial closes.

Remember, by leading your customer with good consultative selling you will be successful and have gained a friend. 


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