But Where Does Social Marketing Fit In

We’ve presented many past element of the sale, once the call comes in,

May 29, 2020

We’ve presented many past element of the sale, once the call comes in, but what’s really needed before any of that can happen? 


Performance Marketing: 

If you’re running Google Ads, you are presented on Google ONLY to potential new customers looking for your goods and services in your local service area.  That’s just the 1st step.

Your Ads click to your website where these customers will see a very professional presentation of your services organized in very accessible order to reduce the pain of acquiring the information they are seeking.  That’s the 2nd step.

85% of these potential new customers will search Google again by your company name.  In this step, your Google My Business (GMB) account will prominently display on Google.   Again, like your website, your information will be readily available including photos and your star rating. (which MUST be 4.3 stars or higher for most businesses!)

All the above must be perfectly correct or you will lose potential customers!


Social Marketing:

Facebook in particular has some very powerful and targeted marketing tools.  When best used, we can use past customer lists to both remarket to existing customers and market to “look-a-like” potential new customer in your exact service area.  Or, if you have a non-recurring service like roofing, we can simply market to potential new customers for you.  Depending on your business type, strategies vary significantly.

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