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Rapport is Massively Better with a Friend

July 23, 2021

As we’ve said many times before, your customers will only buy from you if they like you and trust you.  As you work through a conversation with them there are many ways that you can build a friendship and trust.  Once this occurs, they will be much more honest and forthcoming.  You can actually see this transition in a conversation, known as the “Freudian Slip”, where they begin to relax and let down their guard and their voice shifts to more upbeat and engaged tone. 


One of ways to build a friendship is commonality.  We like people who are like ourselves, we have something in common, hobbies, sports, etc.  This is why “idle chat” isn’t really idle.  To get started you can mention the local baseball team, ask about the weather, if you hear kids or a dog on the background, ask about that!  The more personal the better.  Once you touch a nerve, ask questions of their answers showing that you care and that you’re listening.  Share with them your commonality on the subject and you’ll have a friend.


Another very effective technique is to ask, “how do you feel about ______”, which could be the business that you’re offering.  Their reply will be what’s on the top of their mind and most important.  Once again, ask questions of their answers, clarifying and crystalizing their response.  You’ll make a friend and become fully prepared to make a sale. 


The rapport building should be fun and you’ll always learn something so enjoy this step!  Take notes so you can always refer back to these things when you call back over time. 


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