Break Their Preoccupation, Maintain Control Make Them Feel Good

J Douglas Edwards, the godfather of all sales trainers, in his last CD

October 23, 2020

J Douglas Edwards, the godfather of all sales trainers, in his last CD  “Questions are the Answer” stated, the person who is asking the questions is in charge of the situation.  Edwards further goes on to prove that your closing percentages will rise dramatically by asking the right questions.

  • Questions must be open-ended and personal – “how do you feel about…”
  • Compliment their answers – this will build rapport and they will begin to let their guard down
  • Ask additional questions of the answers – It shows you’re listening and that you care
  • As this goes on they will become much more honest and from the heart
  • You will have gained a friend

So why does this work?  Here’s the science behind questions and questions of the answers:

Neuroscience shows that being asked a question triggers a mental reflex called “instinctive elaboration.”  When our brains focus on an answer to a question, they can’t possibly contemplate anything else.

“To put it bluntly, research shows that we can’t multitask. We are biologically incapable of processing attention-rich inputs simultaneously.”

– John Medina, Brain Rules

The result of all this puts you in control and stops them from passing judgments.  In just a few minutes rapport is built and now you can move into the features and benefits of the product.

The fact that the question was personal allows the customer to speak about themselves; a very rewarding mode.

Researchers at Harvard University have discovered that sharing information about ourselves is intrinsically rewarding. It’s why we spend 30-40% of our speech doing it. A Harvard study (below) concluded that the reward center of our brain is stronger when we share info about ourselves vs. opinions of others:

About Ourselves                      Opinions of Others

Source: Harvard University

Even if you didn’t make the sale you have made someone’s day.  That’s rewarding for both of you.  Chances are they will call you back later.  They are not likely to remember much of what you said, but the will surely remember how you made them feel.


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