Posted on:8/22/2019 12:00:00 AM

When your customers call for your services, they need the right signals from you immediately to choose you! 

These are some of the actual responses on the phone from one of our top customers (David)!

The great thing about David’s calls is that regardless of the first question (do you guys do… service) – his reassuring response is always “Sure we do” followed by “what do you have going on?” Open-ended questions show that you truly care about the customer's needs and a good relationship is quickly established.

Once the type of job is discussed, David uses these reassuring statements:

  • we can definitely help you
  • we do that type of job/service all the time
  • we can definitely take care of that for you

David makes the caller feel like they have a pro who cares and will take care of any issues. This equals trust!

David then immediately moves to collecting the caller's information, including their cell, he asks “when do you want us to come by and take a look”. He is leading the customer and NOT ASKING if it is ok to come by. This is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT AND MAKES HUGE DIFFERENCE! (assumptive selling)

David explains a few details about the project so that, again, they know they have an expert on the phone. Right before hanging up, he lets the client know that he will call them 30 minutes before their scheduled appointment. (This reassuring statement is a very important way to end the call.)

David always has control of the conversation and is assumptive from beginning to end.

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