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There are many ways to attract new customers online, but one of the

May 29, 2020

There are many ways to attract new customers online, but one of the most effective and fundamental methods of acquiring new customers online is Google Ads (previously known as AdWords). 


“Google Ads are presented when customers are ready to buy and searching for your services!’


To win this war of multiple keywords and competitors, you have to win on many fronts. Here are some things you should think about...


Are you paying the right cost-per-click, per keyword?  Google’s cost-per-click is different for you and your competitors and is based on user experience.  It’s not a true auction.  If your ads are highly relevant to your website and you have a high click-through-rate, your cost-per-click can be significantly cheaper than your competitors. 


Are you effectively competing against your competitors?  When we set up your account, and every month you are with us, we utilize tools that show which keywords your compeitors are using (and how effective they are).  This shows whether your competitors are actively managing their campaigns.


How do you know if you’re winning the game?  Google reports metrics such as quality score, outranking share, and impression share that all show how well you are matching up against your local competition. In a previous email, we showed this internal Google reporting from a custom closet company that we work with. This client typically shows up 3X more often than Home Depot, Amazon, and Home Advisor.

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