A Shift Back to Mobile

Unlike any other media, online shows us activity, device use, and user

June 2, 2020

Unlike any other media, online shows us activity, device use, and user preferences in real-time.  As March rolled in, the US population began quickly preparing for the coronavirus and went from being mobile to stationary.  The first chart below shows that mobile (smartphone) use to find businesses and services fell from an average of 80% to 15%, with users switching to tablets (about 80% of adults in the US own a smart phone and 50% own a tablet). 

The good news is that you can see from the chart below, as of a few days ago, we are beginning to go mobile again!  

Actual reporting from one of our client's Display Campaign

Secondly, as the realization of the pandemic hit in early March (during this period of uncertainty) online marketing dollars spent plummeted.  By early April, marketing spend began to slowly rise and in the last few weeks, has gone up dramatically. This has resulted in an increase in conversion rates as the market rebounds. (See graph below)

Our sales floor reports more and more optimism from our customers and many more businesses are coming back into the market.  In March and April, only businesses who could service customers over the phone or with little or no contact were marketing their services.  As May is developing, we’re beginning to see our full suite of customers coming back online. 

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