Assume Nothing - Especially That They Are Telling You The Truth!

What should you do when you ask for the order at the end

November 6, 2020

What should you do when you ask for the order at the end of your presentation and your customer says, “I need to check with my [partner, spouse, boss]?


When the customer says, “I need to check with my [partner, spouse, boss]”, the typical sales person falls for this trap and states, “when shall I call you back”.  Once this happens, the probability of a sale falls to nearly zero!


Be aware your customer may not be telling you the truth - Never Assume Anything.  (Remember the average person lies 200x a day!)     


The answer: Always isolate smoke screen objections.  The correct response is “that’s fine Bob, but just out of curiosity let me ask you, if your [partner, spouse, boss] told you to do what you feel is best, then based on what we’ve gone over so far, what would you tend to do?”   Any answer other than, “I would do it”, tells you that this is a smoke screen objection and you have more work to do.  Now you need to uncover whatever is holding your customer back. The good news is you can keep asking questions and move the sale forward.


If they actually told you the truth that they really do need to check with their [partner, spouse, boss], the only way you can close this sale is if you get both of them on the phone for a second presentation.  If you allow them to check with their [partner, spouse, boss], the probability of a sale is very low. 


This type of smoke screen objection will happen over and over and can easily be addressed with the same script above.


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